All future puppies will have received the chip, worms treated, first-time vaccinations and veterinarian checked both at birth and again at 8 weeks of age.

With the puppies would follow a FCI pedigree, a purchase contract and a health book.

We reserves the right to reject any buyer not found suitable.


Price: 1350 euro at the age of 8 weeks incl. the first vaccination

Price: 2000 euro at the age of 3 month + 21 days incl. 1.+2. vaccination, rabies vaccination and EU pasport


Puppy plans 2020

Litter O

We hope to repeat the mating from 2019 between Happy and Hinto in spring 2020 :)

We will keep a female ourself.

Happy is a female we have made a co-ownership on, because she has a pedigree which I like very much. 

I am very pleased that we can use Happy in our breeding :) 

Happy is trained service dog.

She has a lovely temper. 




Litter P

Gnocchi will have her second litter summer 2020

The male is not yet completely decided. 

More will come when I have found Mister Perfect for her :)

Gnocchi's pedigree: