About us

About us

We are an young couple in their 30s.

Betina and Daniel Bach Nielsen, who lives in Denmark.

Betina is a veterinary nurses, but daily she has her own Dog-Salon.

Daniel is self imployed.

Together we have 3 kids.

Our kennel name is aproved by DKK/FCI (Danish Kennel Club).

We have named our Kennel BeDaBlanco because we believe it represent us in a good way:


Da =Daniel


BeDaBlanco are breeders of Berger Blance Suisse/White Swiss Herder and it is 100% room rearing.

Our dogs are exhibited and have at least received 1st premium in the open class.

Our dogs will also be HD, ED, LÜW, MDR1 and DM checked.

No dogs with more than B in HD-degree would be used in our breeding program and they would only be checked after the age of 12 months.

Our bitches would not be put into breeding before the age of 21 months

Our dogs are obedience trained in DCH (Danish civilian dog handler association)

- Where I am a qualified dog trainer.

Some of our dogs will also participate in various obedience tests.

Our dogs live with us in a nice house with a big delicious fenced garden.

Upcoming puppies would grow up inside the house with us.

As a breeder, we are aware of the importance of the socialization of the puppies while they are with us.

There will therefore be placed great emphasis on this, the puppies would have met with other dogs, children and adults.

Our white herder would be suitable as family dogs, obedience and exhibition dogs.


It is important to us that our dogs get a feed of high quality.

We have chosen to feed with Acana, which we believe meets our requirements for a quality feed.

One of the things we attach great importance to a feed is that it contains a high percentage animal part, which also has a high biological value- that is, high bio availability.

And not least, it is important that it has a good taste like, so the dogs think it's interesting.

- All this we have found in Acana